CNC Milling Services

We have CNC turning, milling and multitasking machines suitable for both rapid prototyping and series production
MR LTD offers metal milling services according to customers' drawings and sketches. Since 2005, our company has built a qualified and dedicated team, where every member stands in their place. Most orders are performed on CNC machines. We have turning, milling and multi-tasking machines suitable for both rapid prototyping and mass production. We accept orders for milling simple and complex elements with their preliminary design.


Milling is the process of machining metal with a specific cutting tool, a milling cutter. The milling cutter removes excess material from the workpiece to produce an element of a given shape. Unlike turning, in milling, the workpiece moves forward while the milling cutter rotates. By milling processing, you can obtain a part with a complex shape and geometry from a workpiece. The milling machine is primarily used for demanding tasks such as gear cutting. Our machining workshop is equipped with the most advanced high-tech CNC equipment. We offer our customers full-cycle material processing services, from designing to the protective coating.
To guarantee our customers the best possible end product, we offer services over and above the simple machining of parts. Our engineering and design department keeps track of all orders. All parts undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure they meet all requirements. We have vast experience that we are ready to share with you. Introduce your project to us and we'll help you bring your ideas to life.



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