Our Services

We combine experience with advanced technologies to meet your requirements across a wide range sectors
MR Ltd. specializes in providing services for metalworking and fabrication of metal products to order. We offer a full range of services from design of layouts to manufacturing and delivery of finished products to the customer.

Modern CNC Machines

Our workshops are equipped with multifunctional and numerically controlled machinery allowing us to perform orders of different levels of complexity, both standard products and non-standard equipment that requires careful design calculations.

Experienced Staff

The company employs subject matter experts with extensive experience in metalworking. The parts are manufactured by upscale skilled workers under the supervision and control of the engineering and design department.



- Argon Arc Welding;
- Aluminium Welding;
- Stainless Steel Welding;
- TIG Welding;
- MIG Welding;
- Automated Robotic Welding;
- Spot Welding.


- Tube Bending;
- Sheet Metal Folding;
- Roll bending;
- Rotary bending.

Metal Cutting

- Laser Cutting;
- Water jet Cutting;
- Sheet Metal Punching;
- Aluminum Cutting;
- Metal Perforation;
- Bandsaw Cutting.

CAD/CAM Prototype & Design

- Product development;
- CAD-design;
- Prototype production;
- Calculations.

Coatings & Surface Treatment

- Powder Coating;
- Glass Bead Blasting;
- Grit Blasting;
- Deburring;
- Grinding.

CNC Machining

- CNC Milling;
- CNC Turning;
- CNC Drilling;
- Chamfering.


MR Ltd is a full service fabrication company. The company has been providing metalworking services such as welding, laser cutting, punching and bending for over 15 years. We design and manufacture custom metal parts and assemblies according to our customers’ specifications. During the company's operation in the metalworking market, we have established long-term sustainable contacts with companies of all sizes on three continents including construction companies, machine builders, furniture manufacturers, and manufacturers of commercial and advertising equipment. We are consistently expanding our equipment fleet, range of services and geography of orders.


3500 м²

Our production facility is divided into several sections. There is a separate workshop for each type of machining.



We employ specialists of the highest category. We take care of the regular confirmation and professional development of our employees.



We use high-quality modern CNC machines that guarantee the high accuracy and repeatability of products.

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