Metal Cutting Service

Our precision equipment can cut metals of all types, thicknesses and quantities
Our company uses modern high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers, which allows us to qualitatively perform cutting of sheet metal of any complexity. If necessary, we can help you prepare technical drawings of the details to be cut. We do everything necessary to ensure that the sheet metal cutting at our company proceeds fast and efficiently.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a modern process of cutting sheet metal with a high-powered laser beam. The process is characterized by high accuracy, cost-effectiveness and fast processing. This method of processing eliminates mechanical stress on the material, which in turn has a positive impact on the quality of the finished product.

Our laser cutting machine, TRUMPF fiber laser, provides excellent cutting quality and high productivity when processing materials up to 16 mm thick. This laser has a bed size for sheet placement of 1,500 x 3,000 cm and can process large batches in a record short time.

Water jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is the process of cutting sheet materials using water and abrasives. It is a mechanical process in which the material is cut through physical contact and wear of the material. The very high-pressure jet provides a smooth, accurate cut and makes it possible to achieve high machining accuracy. The main difference between water jet cutting and other methods is that it's a non-thermal process. The absence of a heat affected zone allows obtaining details without deformation which ensures an excellent surface quality of the cutting edge. Water jet cutting allows performing complex cutting of metal and obtaining quality results that would be impossible to achieve by using other equipment.

Coordinate-punching Works

The CNC punch press is one of the most popular machines for working with sheet metal. Punching holes in sheet metal with the CNC punch press is the advanced technology of metalworking which makes it possible to obtain holes of required sizes and shapes. Most often, it's used for the production of large batches of the same type of details. CNC metal punching occurs at great speed as each hole is punched in a fraction of a second. The operator only needs to control the production process and change programs. More...
We offer services for cutting sheet metal of all shapes and sizes on modern high precision equipment. You can order cutting both one-off items and in large batches from us. We guarantee the precision and accuracy of workpieces and details of any configuration. If you want to place an order or need additional information, our managers are ready to advise you on all your questions. Our team of engineers will do everything necessary to make our work together as productive as possible.



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