About Us

Expertise and continuous improvement

Our Story

MR metalworking company was founded in 2005 with only 4 members of the team, two of them were founders. We specialize in metal structures manufacturing. Lowly equipped but eager to work, we entered the metal processing industry. To get the first orders, we took on difficult tasks that other companies refused. Focusing on quality, we were able to quickly gain the customer's trust. There was more and more work, and after a year, we expanded production. Gradually, we gained experience, recruited new employees, and invested the money we earned in equipment. In 2008 we got the first heavy machines — a punch machine and a plate bending and rolling machine, and in 2010 — the first laser cutting machine.

The Future Factory

Today MR is a modern metal processing company. More than 100 high-skilled employees work in the 3,500 m² production facility. We ship more than 100,000 kg of finished products to our customers every month. The equipment fleet includes 11 heavy CNC machines and many others. We have everything to fulfill orders of any complexity — from small individual parts to complex metal structures. Investing in new technologies helps us to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions for their needs. The business strategy we have chosen is based on long-term cooperation. Our clients know us as a reliable partner.
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3500 м²

Our production facility is divided into several sections. There is a separate workshop for each type of machining.



We employ specialists of the highest category. We take care of the regular confirmation and professional development of our employees.



We use high-quality modern CNC machines that guarantee the high accuracy and repeatability of products.

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