Sheet Metal Punching

A large variety of adaptable tooling to cater for all scenarios
Coordinate punching of metal is a popular method of metalworking, the primary function of which is to punch through holes in the sheet metal of a given shape, size and positioning. This way, you can make a perforated sheet metal or quickly cut out large batches of the same type of parts. The work is performed on special equipment, a coordinate-punching press. Due to its simplicity and versatility, this method is used for machining steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals.

Coordinate Punching

By the principle of operation, the coordinate punch press resembles an office paper puncher. The workpiece is pressed against the matrix. After that, a punching tool, the punch, strikes the workpiece with a force of up to 200 tons. In a fraction of a second, the punch and pressure ring return to their original position and the position-sensing mechanism moves the workpiece for the next strike. The capabilities of the equipment are not limited to the production of through-holes. Using punches of different sizes and shapes allows us to perform the most diverse tasks, such as countersinking, dimpling and forming. Modern coordinate punching machines are characterized by high productivity with moderate energy consumption.
We offer our customers quality services for coordinate punching, perforation and stamping metal up to 3 mm in thickness. Our services are performed using TRUMPF high technology equipment. Coordinate-punching work is just one of the many different methods of metal machining that our company practices. Contact us today and our managers will help you choose the best solutions for your needs.



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