Abrasive Blasting Services

Environmentally-friendly stainless steel and aluminum finishing technique that produces an attractive and natural-looking satin finish
MR LTD is a full-service company. We provide a full range of metalworking services, from designing and finalizing drawings to surface treatment and powder coating of finished products. Production facilities are located in Kyiv. The workshop is equipped with the latest equipment, which is operated by highly skilled staff. Customers of all sizes are among our regular customers, from individual artisans to international corporations.

Glass Bead Blasting

The process is performed in closed chambers, where a jet of millions of glass microbeads, moving in a stream of compressed air, is directed on the product surface using a specialized gun. The abrasive removes all contaminants from the surface without changing the part geometry or damaging the product. It allows even fragile materials to be handled gently with this method. Controlled plastic deformation of the metal surface forms a light work-hardening that improves the service performance of the product. Due to the matting effect, this method is often used for finishing aluminum parts.
Metal surface treatment plays a tremendous role in extending the service life of metal products. The required type of treatment is selected individually depending on the operating conditions of the product. All stages of fabrication are performed at our enterprise using state-of-the-art equipment. To start cooperation, send us technical design specifications by any convenient means for you.



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