Metal Welding Service

We specialise in a range of sheet metal fabrication and welding techniques
Our company specializes in manufacturing metal products of any complexity and functionality according to the customers' drawings or sketches. Welding work can be either a separate service or one of the stages of the production cycle. We provide welding services for various metals including steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We carry out high quality, firm and durable welds, taking into account the necessary performance characteristics of the product. The technological equipment of our production allows us to meet any of the customer needs, from one time custom welding projects to large scale robotic welding.

TIG Welding

This operation is performed using a non-floating tungsten electrode in an inert gas environment. It's a metal fusion welding method in which the material is heated by electrical resistance. It can be used for both spot and continuous welding. It is perfect for welding aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Aluminum is more difficult to weld than steel because of its low melting point and high thermal conductivity. TIG makes it possible to obtain precise joints of increased complexity which quality is guaranteed by efficient innovative equipment and the high level of skills of the company's specialists.

MIG Welding

One of the most popular technologies in manufacturing is semi-automatic welding. It is a universal method, consisting of the fact that the welding arc and the areas to be fused are in a medium of argon (or other inert gas), which produces a shielding balloon. It allows the molten metal to avoid contact with the air. The result is a high-quality welding joint devoid of slag inclusions and foreign impurities. The result is a high-quality welding joint devoid of slag inclusions and foreign impurities. MIG equipment uses a spool of continuously fed wire. It is used for most types of steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. That allows longer sections of metal to be joined without stopping. MIG welding is used in situations where high flexibility and productivity are required.

Robotic welding (MIG)

When you are contacting us for a series of orders in large quantities, we are using a welding robot to complete this task. The production method is the same as in the first point, the MIG welding, but it is used for performing high-volume work with the same type of details. That's a maximally mechanized process cycle that minimizes operator intervention. At the same time, it reduces the working time required to produce the entire batch of products while maintaining high-quality joints. It is used for all types of structural materials, including for welding stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Spot Welding

This widely used method of obtaining fixed metal joints is most commonly used for sheet metal up to 3 mm thick and enables the production of hull or box-shaped structures. The work is performed on special equipment with extensive operating parameters. Spot welding allows obtaining spot welds with minimum burn marks which is perfectly suited for the details that require powder coating.

Laser Welding

It's a highly specialized and high-precision type of welding work. It allows obtaining ultra-thin welds of jewelry quality. It has no electric arc or hot gas, only focused pulsed laser light. The laser produces the energy needed to melt metal in a fraction of a second therefore minimizing heat and increasing the strength of the joints in the metal.
Our production capabilities cover the entire range of services of the modern metalworking industry. This statement is also true for the welding work performed by us. Whatever your needs may be, we are confident that our welding team has the experience to meet them. We can handle any task, including non-standard ones. Get in touch with us!



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