Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Design and manufacture of many types of non-standard metal enclosures, cabinets and boxes for various applications
MR LTD manufactures metal enclosures according to standard and custom designs in compliance with the established quality and safety standards. The technical capabilities of our company ensure the implementation of projects for the production of hull structures of any complexity. We provide customers with full-cycle services, from sketch designing to the mass production of products with finishing and powder coating.

Metal Enclosures

Enclosure metal structures are the core elements of most units and devices. They reliably protect the mechanisms from mechanical damage and environmental impact, ensuring the safe and long-term operation of the equipment. The high-quality production of metal enclosures requires well-coordinated actions at all stages of the technological process. Our company has all the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to perform even the most complex tasks in a short time. We manufacture solid and prefabricated metal enclosures for almost all kinds of equipment and devices for industrial or household purposes guaranteeing a high-quality end result.
Our company has over 17 years of experience in the high-precision metalworking market. The company's staff is a well-coordinated team of professionals, including design engineers and operators, welders and locksmiths, as well as highly qualified equipment maintenance specialists. The capabilities of our company allow us to fulfill both one-time and high-volume orders for the fabrication of metal enclosure structures. We are ready to consult you on all questions relating to the production of metal enclosures. Give us a call!



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