Cutting Aluminium Sheets

We use modern equipment, which allows us to perform high-quality cutting of aluminum sheets of any complexity
MR LTD offers a full range of services for cutting sheet metal thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 150 mm. Cutting aluminum is generally performed by a TRUMPF coordinate-punching press machine. Aluminum of great thickness is cut with a water jet cutting machine. As needed, we can help you prepare technical drawings of the parts you need to cut.

Cutting using a coordinate-punching press machine

Cutting using a coordinate-punch press machine is a popular metalworking technology that allows you to obtain products of desired size and shape. It is most often used for manufacturing large batches of the same type of parts. Coordinate metal stamping is performed at high speed, with each punch being made in fractions of a second. High characteristics of quality, precision and productivity of work are achieved due to CNC software.

Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is a mechanical process in which the material is cut by a point impact of water with an abrasive that causes the material to wear out. The thin, ultra-high-pressure jet provides a smooth cut and allows for high-precision machining. The absence of a heat-affected zone enables us to obtain parts without deformation. Most often, we use water jet cutting for the cutting of aluminum sheets of great thickness.



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