Bending & Rolling

Our high-tech press brakes can bend sheet metal extremely accurately for any parts and angles that you need
Since our foundation, we have worked hard to become one of the best metalworking companies in Kyiv. As a manufacturer serving a wide range of industries, MR Ltd. boasts a full range of CNC equipment with which we perform cutting, punching, bending and machining of metals. We offer a complex service, from design and drawings to the final product. Sheet metal bending is one of the most demanded processes in our production.

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending is one of the vital processes of metalworking. The sheet bending workshop of MR Ltd is equipped with the latest European equipment, which provides unsurpassed results. Thanks to CNC technology, the entire folding process, from programming and the tool setting to bending, is very productive. Our equipment and experience allow us to perform work of any complexity, from single orders to large-scale production.

Sheet Bending Machines

We use modern TRUMPF CNC press brakes with a large calculated pressing force, which automatically perform calculations according to the set parameters, determine and change the angles. The system checks elasticity and automatically compensates for the program parameter, allowing for high accuracy and repeatability in the part production. This CNC press brake can bend sheet metal up to 8 mm thick and up to 3.2 meters long.
Thanks to our skilled, experienced team and a fleet of modern equipment, our customers can be sure that the order will be completed on time and according to the provided technical design. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities. We will review your layout and offer the best solutions for the best possible result.



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