Structural Steel

3D Detailing. Steel Fabrication. Corrosion Protection
MR LTD is a company engaged in manufacturing metal products of any complexity according to customers' drawings. Our company has a complete production cycle of aluminum, copper, brass, structural and stainless steel products. We work with customers on both individual and large-scale orders. Our engineering and design department, qualified and dedicated team, as well as the fleet of high-tech CNC machinery, ensure consistently high quality of our manufactured products.

Metal structures

We specialize in the design and manufacture of metal structures. We accept orders for the production of metal structures of any complexity and functionality, such as:
  1. Billboards
  2. Metal framings
  3. Load-bearing structures
  4. Trestles
  5. Various trusses
  6. Metal staircases
  7. Metal columns
  8. Metal beams
  9. Metal cross beams
  10. Metal poles
  11. Masts for Lighting and CCTV
  12. Metal fences
The production capacity of our company allows us to produce products of any configuration. A sophisticated technological process is directed towards the implementation of various projects, in particular non-standard ones. Having its own engineering and design department allows us to offer customers more than just engineering and design of metal products but also the service of verification and finalization of drawings. In working with us, you work directly with the manufacturer.



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