Custom Aluminium Fabrication

We specialize in the manufacture of aluminum products for various industries
Aluminum is both light and strong non-magnetic metal with undeniable technological advantages. It is easy to machine. It has good electrical conductivity and is resistant to corrosion. A great visual appearance and high performance characteristics make aluminum parts and structures indispensable in various applications. Aluminum products are widely used in construction, power engineering, mechanical and instrument engineering, railway transport and the food industry.

Metal Features

Various technologies are used in the fabrication of aluminum products. It is believed that the metal lends itself well to machining. However, each of its alloys has certain features that you must consider in advance. That's why machining aluminum requires a thorough understanding of the properties of the metal. The welding process requires special attention, which requires a high-level qualification of welders and the availability of high-tech equipment. Light reflective characteristics limit the laser processing abilities of the alloy. Due to its plasticity, aluminum is one of the most popular materials in manufacturing parts through turning and milling machines.
MR LTD employs specialists with the necessary knowledge and many years of successful experience in manufacturing parts and structures made of aluminum. The production area of 3000 square meters is equipped with constantly updated modern equipment. We offer cutting, punching, bending, welding, machining and surface finishing of aluminum. Contact us today to receive the highest quality metalworking services.



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